Carolyn Jones Receives NAMI Special Recognition Award

NAMI honored Board staff member Carolyn Jones at its annual meeting and awards ceremony Monday, March 10, 2003. According to NAMI, Carolyn has consistently been there for families with young children and adolescents who have mental health issues. As one parent wrote, "When you hear someone is very high up and important working for the Hamilton county Community Mental Health Board, you think of them as almost untouchable. As a parent, I was initially intimated. My experience with Carolyn Jones has totally changed my mind about how the board works and the personalities of staff at the Board who are here to make the children's system better. It is obvious that Carolyn sees beyond the fiscal aspects of running services form children who suffer from mental illness. She cares and that is very obvious in any conversation you have with her. She welcomes the input of parents and having Carolyn on our side in the world of mental health care makes an enormous difference. Carolyn helps our children succeed."

Congratulations Carolyn!