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Under state law, the Board is the county government agency responsible for planning, funding and evaluating the effectiveness of community mental health services and alcohol and drug addiction services available to Hamilton County residents. 

The Board's primary target populations are adults who are severely mentally disabled (SMD), children who are severely emotionally disabled (SED) and adults who are dually diagnosed with substance abuse and mental illness (SAMI).  Secondary target populations of the Board include adults with mental health needs who are not seriously mentally disabled (Non-SMD), children with mental health needs who are not seriously emotionally disabled (Non-SED) and for both children and adults with mental health needs who are in the criminal justice systems (CJS).  The mental health system serves approximately 18,500 adults and 4,700 children.

Nearly 50 local behavioral health organizations are under contract to the Board to provide a full range of community support services. These include hospitalization, partial hospitalization, case management, crisis and emergency services, outpatient counseling, residential treatment and care, vocational services and prevention and education.

An 18-member board of trustees governs the Board.  Ten trustees are appointed by the Hamilton County Commissioners, four by the Director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH), and four by the Director of the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.  The trustees hold regular monthly meetings on the third Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to conduct official business.  Day-to-day operations of the Board are carried out by the Board president and staff.

The Board president works with a staff of nearly 40 employees, including a psychiatrist who serves as chief clinical officer.  Other staff include:  social workers and administrators who plan and evaluate services; technology professionals who maintain a management information system to track services; licensed mental health professionals who coordinate services; and accountants, clerical, and other support employees.

Chief revenue sources are:

    bullet Hamilton County Levies
    bullet Ohio Department of Mental Health
    bullet Federal Medicaid and Social Security Title XX
    bullet Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services
    bullet Grants and other miscellaneous revenue

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