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Alcoholism Council of Cinti Area Jeff Stokoe 281-7880
Beech Acres Rick Sorg 233-4694
Camelot Community Care Megan Gooding 961-5900
Center for Chemical Addictions Patti Webb 381-6672
Central Clinic Barb Namett 558-2941
Central Community Health Board Mary Byrd 559-2902
Children's Hospital Nancy Hahn 636-0820
Cincinnati Union Bethel Mary Carol Melton 768-6905
Coalition for a Drug-Free Cinti Mary Haag 751-8000
Court Clinic Eleanor Maley 352-1342
The Crossroads Center Janice Bishop 632-7149
Drop Inn Center Debra Brundidge 455-5043x112
Drug & Poison Ctr. Alicia Aumentado 636-5055
Drug & Poison Ctr. Earl Siegel 636-5053
Excel Michael Taylor 632-7149 ext. 201
First Step Home Cindy Fischer 961-4680
Free Store Linda Lupp 241-1064
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services Diane Wright 354-5285
Ham. Cty. Juvenile Court Youth Center Jim O'Connell 946-2572
Health Resource Center Vi Selzer 357-4602
Hillcrest School Pamela Hines 552-1232
IKRON David James 621-1117
Lifepoint Solutions Penny Middaugh 947-7011
Lighthouse Youth Services Norm Townsel 487-7139
Mental Health America of NK & SWO Mindy Sponseller 562-2582
Mighty Vine Wellness Club Reginald Sims 241-9355
Pressley Ridge Matt Mitchell 559-1402
Prospect House Roger Zellars 921-1613
Recovery Center Angela Ostholthoff
Cindy Vogelsong
Salvation Army D.A. Courtney 762-8526
St. Aloysius Ronnie Bass 242-7600 x344
St. Joseph--ACT Deborah Miller 741-3100
St. Joseph--Altercrest Joe Cassiere 231-5010 x1565
St. Joseph--Villa Campus/Family Ties Beth Detrich 741-3100
Talbert House Suzanne Lukacs 751-7747 ext. 1051
Tender Mercies John Drummonds 639-7053
UMADAOP Michael Langford 541-7099
Warmline --see IKRON  
Wyoming Youth Services Bureau Kimberly Hauser 821-2428
HCMHRSB   946-8635