Whose chart is it?

        The file and the papers in the chart belong to the agency. They have a 
           responsibility for safeguarding it. The information in the file is yours. You
           have ownership. You have every right to see it all, unless there are documented
           reasons why some particular entry should be withheld.
Your agency has a written policy on showing you your records. Often they will have someone review your chart with you to explain anything you donít understand.
You have a right to a copy of your records. It may be possible in reviewing your records to narrow down the pertinent pages you want copied. You can be charged a reasonable fee for copying, but it must take into account your ability to pay.
You cannot change your records, but if you disagree with something, you may have your own comments added.

Your rights (OAC 5122:2-1-02)
14. The right to have access to oneís own psychiatric, medical or other treatment
, unless access to particular identified items of information is specifically
      restricted for that individual client for clear treatment reasons in the clientís 
      treatment plan. "Clear Treatment Reasons" shall be understood to mean only severe
      emotional damage to the client such that dangerous or self-injurious behavior is an
      imminent risk. The person restricting the information shall explain to the client and
      other persons authorized by the client the factual information about the individual
      client that necessitates the restriction. The restriction must be renewed at least
      annually to retain validity. Any person authorized by the client has unrestricted access
      to all information. Client shall be informed in writing of agency policies and 
      procedures for viewing or obtaining copies of personal records.

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