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Getting Services

Access to Services

Mental Health Access Point (MHAP) - 513-558-8888
Centralized mental health system access point connecting customers with the appropriate service provider(s).

Recovery Health Access Center (RHAC) - 513-281-7422
Centralized 24-hour service center providing a full continuum of substance abuse services including information and referrals supporting individuals and families throughout the treatment process.

Probate Process (Hamilton County) - 513-946-3591
Civil probate court assisting provider community and families in obtaining inpatient care.

Telephone Support

Consumer WARMLINE - 513-931-WARM
Call-in peer support service for existing consumers.

Mental Health Hotline - 513-281-CARE
24-hour telephone support services, specializing in suicide prevention, crisis situations, and family violence.

Drug & Poison Information Center (DPIC) - 513-636-5111
24-hour hotline providing crisis intervention, education, and information.

Consumer-Driven Services

Recovery Center of Hamilton County - 513-241-1411
Consumer-operated services providing social support and learning opportunities to adults in Hamilton County with severe mental illness working toward full integration into the community.

Mighty Vine Wellness Club - 513-241-9355
Consumer-operated, readily accessible and affordable exercise and wellness activities fostering emotional support and understanding for mental health consumers.

Consumer-operated service that provides peer support to consumers via telephone.  The WARMLINE operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency Crisis Care

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) - 513-584-8577
Hospital setting 24-hour emergency care.

Mental Health Access Point (MHAP) - 513-558-8888
Access to mental health crisis care.

MHAP Youth & Adult Mobile Crisis - 513-558-8888
On-call mobile and in-home crisis care.

Recovery Health Access Center (RHAC) - 513-281-7422
Access to alcohol and substance abuse crisis care.